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Park w deche

In 2016, we built the first educational and recreational Park W Deche.

We created a place for children and adults to spend their free time in an original way.

W Dechę Park is a unique place to have fun with your peers and family. As proof of this, we can boast of having won in the Silesian Voivodeship in the national plebiscite for the best investment for children in 2016 on the Czas Dzieci portal.

More than 30 original attractions are waiting for you at W Dechę Park!

Among others:
- A giant gorilla with two slides,
- The mysterious Crocodile,
- Arena Trampoline,
- Chain Carousel,
- Rope Park,
- Creative Sandbox,
- Water Rink,
and many other attractions about which you can read on our website

Chill & Food
Rope Village
Tree Carousel
Adventure Golf