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Rope village

We invite all lovers of adventure to take advantage of our unique and unrepeatable attraction - the Rope Village. The modern space will provide you with maximum creative fun. You decide what route you want to take. But, but...

Not everything is as easy as it looks, everyone will have to use their imagination and cleverness to overcome the entire route, because on the way there are many interesting obstacles waiting for you.

Our Rope Village is the safest form of a rope park as it is completely surrounded by a system of safety nets and can be used by children as young as 3 years old*.

All the rope elements have been impregnated with silver ions with antibacterial and antiviral properties in order to ensure your safety.



*Children under the age of 6 may use the park only if accompanied by an adult


length of the route
number of obstacles
for the little and for the big
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